Smart Beach

Smart Beach is the first all-inclusive beach management tool.
The application was specially designed to help you get your business to the next level and is the perfect partner when it comes to applying all the required safety measures and increasing sales.

With Smart Beach, making reservations just got faster and easier! This gives you the chance to offer your clients a great experience, by reducing their waiting time.

Everything with just a few simple steps!

Our Products
The Smart Beach has three apps, designed for each of the different user categories:
Reception (Beach management)
Each interface has different functionalities, perfectly adapted to its specific and needs.

Ideally thought for your business, the Reception interface is interconnected with the Waiter one, which gives you full control over your business, and shortens the ordering waiting time.

Our products are available on Google Play and AppStore

Our products are available on
Google Play and AppStore


Family in beach

Fast service > happy customers

Mobile Booking

Efficient management

Book tasty juice

Integrated menu

Family in beach
Fast service > happy customers
Mobile Booking
Efficient management
Book tasty juice
Integrated menu

Support for managing and optimizing the operations

You can save the name and the phone number of all the reservations made through the application.

Manage the daily reservations with the help of the graphic calendar.

The system for the order centralization allows an efficient – daily/ weekly/ monthly or seasonal - report of all activities.

A constant update of all the stocks.

Fast service, happy customers!

Eliminate the long ordering time and increase the sales by 30%

Limit the contact between the beach staff and customers, and therefore reduce the risk of spreading the Corona Virus and increase your clients’ trust

Monitoring and supervising the employees

Decrease employees’ fraud by up to 70%

Increase your income by booking multiple times the same sunbed throughout the day, based on the customer tracking system

Awareness opportunity for your beach

An increased visibility for your beach, by creating a dedicated account in the application

The possibility to showcase the facilities and the offered services, as well as the bar menu


Get eco-friendly by reducing the consumption of printed menus each season

Become our partner
Join our national network and take your business to the next level, with just a few simple steps:
Download the application
Create your account and set up the beach
Upload the bar/restaurant menu

All you have to do now is to check the bookings’ and orders’ flow and to supervise the activity of the employees.

Simulate plan
Accept online reservation
Accept placed orders from customers
Accept call notifications
You are not able to select both 2nd and 3rd option.

Video tutorials

Smart Beach is….smart, fast and user-friendly.
Watch the following tutorials to test all the functionalities of the application and the way it can boost your business.
Tutoriale disponibile în urmâtoarele zile


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